Crafts and Culture in Kostenets Area, Bulgaria

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Sapareva Banya – A Warm Day Trip from Sofia, Bulgaria

Sapareva Banya is only an hour away from Sofia which immediately puts it into the must-do day trips from the capital of Bulgaria. This small town is the best place to start your… Continue reading

5 Polish Cities You Need To Visit

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Where To Eat and Drink in Burgas, Bulgaria

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Food For The Soul – Soul Kitchen, Sofia, Bulgaria

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France Travel Guide For First-Time Visitors

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Visiting The Opera and Ballet House in Sofia, Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Opera and Ballet House in Sofia has an impressive calendar with regular performances (about 4 days a week). They also have a wide variety of opera, ballet, and concerts as well as spectacles for children, so there’s a good chance that you will find something just for you and even bring your family or friends along.